Bikes for everyone.. Bikes are a great way to get around, push your limits, improve your fitness and have fun. From road bikes that are ideal for getting around Cities and towns, to mountain bikes for cross-country adventures, and practical hybrid bikes for urban commuting, we stock a range of bikes for every cyclist.

Whether it is the first bike for a child or a custom built bike for a professional we only apply one policy for all our bikes, "if we wouldn't buy it we won't sell it". That's true for every bike we sell, even the children's, if we wouldn't buy it for our children we won't sell it for yours.

Looking for a Bike? Join our savings club, ideal for Christmas & birthdays - small deposit secures your bike today. Just call us on 01209 714970 or by using our contact form.

0% finance is available through some of our suppliers.

Our Range of Bikes