Electric Bikes
Level out those Cornish hills!

With our range of electric bikes from VOLT, RALEIGH, RIDGEBACK & SARACEN hills are no longer a problem.

We stock a wide range of bikes from folders – ideal for motorhomes, caravaners & boat users as they fold up very compactly - to commuting hybrids & full on mountain bikes.

They come equipped with either crank motors (Shimano Steps & Bosch) or hub motors (SpinTech & TranzX) and various battery options giving up to a 90 mile range.

All the bikes we sell are fitted with quality branded bike parts eg. brakes & gears etc - something that is often absent on the cheaper brands making availability of spares a problem later.

Our bikes all have a full 2 year warranty.

Try before you buy
We always have demo bikes available for test rides. Please contact us to book.



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Climb any hill - Go Further - Get there Faster
Most of our e-bikes are available through our suppliers finance schemes with 0% interest, please contact us for details and availability.